Using Internet Safely, Wisely, and Responsibly in Indonesia

EmailIn the middle of 2009, Prita Mulyasari was sued by RS Omni Internasional in case of defamation.

At the beginning, Prita felt disappointed with RS Omni’s service and she wrote her disappointment to the limited mailing-list group. Unpredictably her email was forwarded to the other larger mailing-list. As the result, RS Omni thought the case was a serious problem for their image and reputation. Thus they brought that case into the court. Not only had criminal law, RS Omni also sued Prita with UU ITE which had been approved by DPR RI since March 25th 2008.

Since that case, as internet users, we were warned to be more careful to share any information to public with any medium. Either it is email, blog, even social media account. Moreover we should know how to control our children when using internet. People should control their children how to share any private information and how to interact with any unknown people. Beside that, people should control their children from any pornography thing. Although recently Indonesia government claimed that they had blocked 1 million sites containing pornography/adult material, there are still more than 10 million sites exist.

Related to using internet on the right way, some organizations had some programs to socialize it. For example, Indonesian ICT Partnership Association (ICT Watch) had a program called Internet Sehat. Until now, their program has been adapted and adopted by many parties in Indonesia for promoting internet safely, wisely, and responsibly. Here is one of their tips.

Much software could be installed to secure the personal computer. They are browser for kids, parental software, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall. But technology is not enough to guarantee 100% which children would not access any bad sites deliberately or accidentally. So people should take a role to minimize the worse possibility.

Recently criminal things because of internet are often occurred. Almost of them are kidnapping or children go with other people that they recognize via social media such as facebook. They are victim of negligence from their parents. But after that, other parents could be more aware that their children should be educated about their interaction with any unknown people in internet.

I think the government step to create UU ITE is a good thing. It helps people define how to use internet and share their private information electronically. But in Prita case, there is something wrong because procedural examination was not well implemented. So it should be reviewed then judge and prosecutor should do procedural examination based on law.

And the government step to block sites that contain pornography material, it is good. But the sites would be more and more if the demand is not decreased. Besides doing any technological way to solve the problem, there should be any social way to solve the problem such as making better moral education to the curriculum. Beside that, parents should take role too to control their children.

Speech freedom, larger medium to socialize, and larger information that could be accessed has not only a good side. It has a bad site too thus something should be done to minimize it. Law is made to limit how people use the internet and share any information there. Much software invented to avoid children access bad sites accidentally or deliberately. But it would useless when there are no educational purpose about internet and role of parents to their children.

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This post is an essay as an answer to midterm test Komputer dan Masyarakat 2012


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